A long term fear of dentists and dental procedures prevented me from maintaining one of the most important areas of my health – my oral health. With thanks to the Matheson Dental Team (hygienists, office staff, support staff and doctors) I have a renewed commitment to my oral health care. Over the past 4 years, I have experienced time and time again, the unwavering determination of everyone at the Matheson Dental Clinic to provide me with an extremely high level of treatment and care. From the moment I walk in the door, I am treated with respect and compassion. I feel well informed of any procedure before it begins and when it is long over I receive a courtesy call inquiring as to my wellbeing. The warm, inviting, relaxing setting and the extremely dedicated, professional staff at the MDC create a safe and stress free environment. My entire family has benefitted from the wonderful people and expertise at the MDC, from basic dental procedures to more complicated ones and even a brand new smile through orthodontics for my daughter. I now look forward to my next visit rather than fearing it. I whole-heartedly recommend the Matheson Dental Clinic and I strongly encourage people to experience the many wonderful aspects the MDC has to offer.